About Us

We are committed to providing high-quality eco-friendly bags (jute, cotton & canvas) and promotional products created from sustainable and biodegradable materials. As a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of ecofriendly product, we take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Our products are made from natural fibers such as jute, cotton and canvas, which are biodegradable and environment friendly. These materials are harvested using sustainable farming practices and are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides


Our vision is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly world by providing high-quality, eco-friendly products to the consumers and businesses around the world. We are committed to promote fair trade principles and helping regional communities through your supply chain and manufacturing procedures.


Our mission is to design, produce and distribute eco-friendly bags and promotional products that are stylish and long lasting, while also adhering to strict environmental and social responsibility standards.

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