Hand Made madhubani Bag

Wow!!! A hand painted ecofriendly bag. A painting technique used in the Mithila region of India and Nepal is called Madhubani art (also known as Mithila art). It takes its name from the Madhubani district of Bihar, India, where it first appeared. These paintings are made by artists utilizing a range of tools, such as their own fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks. Natural dyes and pigments are used to make the paint. The paintings' striking geometrical patterns serve as their defining feature.

Madhubani Tote Bag(HPB-3331) 30(H) x 35(W) x 12(G)
Madhubani Circle Bag (HPB-3332) 24(H) x 24(W)
Madhubani Lunch Bag (HPB-3333) 35(H) x W(30) x 12(G)
Madhubani Canvas Bag (HPB-3334) 40(H) x 35(W) x 12(G)
Madhubani Hand Clutch (HPB-3335) 12(H) x 24(W) x 4(G)
Madhubani File Folder (HPB-3339) XX(H) x XX(W) x XX(G)
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